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Welcome to azapen6's home page. There is nothing but a seal.

Everything is uttery a waste.
The Less, The Better.


Name: azapen6
Pen Name: あざペン
Circle: Annie Happy Misery (ex: haucl4)

Affiliation: OTC, Mombetsu
Born: Toyama (Moved to Osaka in childhood)
Birthday: Sep. 1
Species: Phoca largha

I'm あざらし rather than アザラシ

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Quod genuinum est?


Here are some links to my activities. Almost all contents except GitHub are written in Japanese.

Here is a link to my unofficial fan activity in which I dedicate myself to あんハピ♪ ("Anne Happy" or "Unhappy Go Lucky"):

Here are other Twitter accounts I manage at present:

Interests & Favorites

Academic Major: Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Biochemistry

Subjects in Computer Science:
Complexity Theory, Circuit Lower Bounds, Communication Complexity,
Quantum Information & Computation, Informatics via Statistical Mechanics,
Random Matrices, Random Graphs, Spectral Graph Theory

More Academic Interests:
Representation Theory, Harmonic Analysis, Lie Groups & Algebrae, Elliptic Functions & Curves,
Numerical Analysis, Noncommutative Probability, Non-Commutative / Free Probability,
Applications of Ramanujan / Weil conjectures, Kadison-Singer problem, P vs NP problem, etc.

Programming Interests:
Concurrent / Distributed system, Reactive Streams, 3D / 2D Graphics, GPU computation,
Accuracy & Precision on numerical computation

Currently conceive a programming language "Akashic". (named after Akashi, Hyogo, Japan)

Travel: Hokkaido, Shikoku (Ohenro), Local Trains
Abroad (mere hope): Nordic, Baltic, Arctic, Antarctic
Have Stayed: Switzerland, California

Food: Chillihead, Udon, Fish cakes, Sake (means salmon in Japanese, I like both sake and sake), Shake Spices & Herbs on various dishes.
Alchol: Beers & Ales esp. IPA, Sake, Scotch, etc. But for some reasons, I abstain from alchol for the moment.
Smoking: None

Entertainment: Manga (esp. 4-koma mangas), Anime, Novels (including Lanove), Travel


Dimention: 2

Creative: None
Rubbish: Twitter, Blog, Drawing (mostly Manga-like), Transmute blank papers into Rags, Squander Mundane Life

Programming Literacy

Mainly Use: C, C++, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, (Java), Ruby
Read & Write: Scheme, Fortran, Python, OCaml, Rust, (JavaScript)
Use for Experiments: R, Python, Julia
Interest: Erlang, Standard ML, Haskell, Prolog, Bracket
Distaste: Python (in general use)
F**kin': JavaScript

Java, Java, Java...


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